In the latest update of the database, we decided to present the composition data not only per 100 g of food/non-alcoholic beverage or 100 mL of alcoholic beverage, but also per serving.

The portions have been defined considering the Italian food tradition, the consumer’s expectations and the data present in the literature.

In most cases we used the Standard Portions defined by the Italian Society of Human Nutrition (SINU) in the Dietary Reference Values of Nutrients and Energy for the Italian population (LARN, IV revision 2014), while in others we chose portions in natural or commercial units (e.g. slice, bar, can, etc.), or in household units (e.g. table spoon, teaspoon, glass, etc.).

Furthermore, we decided to give the user the possibility to enter the desired portion manually in the food table.┬áIt is, therefore, possible to view the composition of the foods by “Standard Portion” or by “Self-selected portion” by entering a desired quantity. By clicking on the “Recalculate” button, after a few seconds, the re-proportioned composition will be displayed on the chosen portion, which can also be printed by clicking on the “Print” button.